Standard of Quality

Our previous experience in the production of certain hydrocolloids allows us to know the needs of our clients. Thanks to this we know that the quality of the seaweed not only depends on the humidity and impurities, where SECO S.A. It is always above the required specifications.

We know that the seaweed must preserve its molecular structure and for this, it must have an optimal post-harvest care process in order to obtain the best viscosity and gel strength functionalities of the hydrocolloids obtained from the seaweed. That is why having an adequate infrastructure and logistics to be able to dry and process the algae quickly and professionally, is essential for the seaweed to release all its functionality in the hydrocolloids that are obtained from it.

SECO S.A. in addition to complying with the basic standards required, it does a quality control of all its red seaweed products, measuring viscosity, impurities, humidity and organoleptic characteristics.