Production Plants

To ensure the quality of the seaweed exported, it is necessary to have an infrastructure capable of receiving large volumes of seaweed and processing them quickly in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, where possible, the location of the plants should be as close to the origin of the seaweed. For this purpose, we have 5 plants throughout the country:

Oruro Plant

Located near Ovalle, 400 km north of Santiago. It has 60 hectares and an excellent infrastructure. It has 2000m2 of paved drying areas, buildings of 900m2 for drying, pre-chopping, and milling the brown seaweed that is harvested from the northern part of the country.

Montenegro Plant

Located 60 km north of Santiago. It has 12 hectares, 7000 m2 of paved drying area and a grinding plant with 9 production lines of brown seaweed. Additionally, it has two production lines of red seaweed and has laboratories for process and quality control, as well as administrative offices. The plant buildings are over 2000 m2.

South Central Plant

The company has agreements with different drying plants in the south-central area that allow us to be available in case of specific need.

Lemuy Plant

Located on the Lemuy Island of Chiloé,1,200 km south of Santiago. It has 7 hectares and natural drying stations, greenhouses, plus a 400m2 warehouse, loading system, cleaning and baling of seaweed, plus an administrative office.

Coyhaique Plant

Located 1,800 km south of Santiago. It has 5 hectares, with a drying station consisting of a 600m2 shed, 3,500m2 paved drying areas, cleaning system and seaweed baling, administrative offices and facilities for operators. The climatic conditions of the area make it unique, resulting in high quality red seaweed.