Since 2009 SECO is among the most important seaweed exporters

The Chilean coast is one of the most pristine in the world

We have 5 production plants along the country

About Us

SECO S.A. started operations in the year 2009. In a first stage, to expand the collection of brown seaweed, especially Lessonia Trabeculata destined to the production of specialty alginates, to satisfy the growing global demand of this type of seaweed.

Chilean Seaweed

Chile has a coastline of 6450 km. and it is 4750 km long. The characteristics of the Pacific Ocean off the Chilean coast are very special since the Humboldt current causes its waters to be cold and with much lower temperature variations in relation to other oceans.

Our Products

Red Algae

Brown Algae


We have 5 production plants along the country.


Our previous experience in the production of certain hydrocolloids allows us to know the needs of our clients.