About Us

SECO S.A. started operations in the year 2009. In a first stage, to expand the collection of brown seaweed, especially Lessonia Trabeculata destined to the production of specialty alginates, to satisfy the growing global demand of this type of seaweed. SECO S.A. expanded the volume of seaweed with new harvest areas and improved the quality standards of the market. Its focus has been to provide an excellent service with high quality products and building long-term relationships with its customers.
As a result of the above, FMC and SECO S.A. signed a long-term strategic agreement to satisfy part of the FMC requirements for red and brown seaweed.

SECO S.A. is among the 3 largest exporters of Lessonia Trabeculata and within the two largest exporters of red seaweed, exporting its products to Norway, the United States, France, Spain and China.